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Tango Translation and interpreting is an English-Spanish interpreting & translation service qualified to bring your message to life.


Whether you need documents translated for your business event, healthcare facility, or the menu of your restaurant, we can help make your content accessible in Spanish. Your message will be seamlessly translated by reliable, highly qualified professional Spanish translators twith attention to detail and the right skills to meet the challenge.

Need a simultaneous or consecutive interpreter for meetings, medical rounds, conferences, or events? We’re happy to help make your message understood in Spanish or English. We have experience working in teams for conferences, interpreting for medical and educational encounters, as well as depositions and interviews of many kinds.

Spanish Interpretation

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Spanish Education
Translation Services

• Letters to parents

• Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

• Academic materials (manuals, worksheets, etc.)

• Instructions

• Evaluations reports (speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, academic achievement)

• Academic research articles

• Special education documents

Spanish Medical
Translation Services

• Discharge instructions

• Intake forms

• Medical records

• Patient education

• Medication fact sheets

• Surgery instructions

• Diagnosis fact sheets (orthopedics, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, nutrition, OBGYN, gastroenterology, oncology, and more)

• Epidemiology information

Spanish & English
Interpreting Services

• IEP meetings, disciplinary meetings and other encounters with parents

• Outpatient and inpatient medical appointments and rounds

• Conference interpreting

• Expertise and fluency in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

It Takes
Two To Tango

Need a Spanish translator or interpreter outside the fields of healthcare or Education?
Contact us! While these areas represent the core of what we do, we’re happy to assist in general Spanish translation services as well!