About Us.

Tango Translation and Interpreting is built on a foundation of learning.

María Baker

Founder of Tango Translation and Interpreting

Born and raised in Argentina, María has lived in the USA for over ten years. She completed her B.A. as a teacher of English as a Second Language in Santa Fe, Argentina, as well as an M.A. in Spanish and TESOL in Morgantown, WV

Upon arriving in Huntsville, Alabama, María discovered medical interpreting and translation… and there was no turning back. Since 2013, she has worked passionately in these two linguistic professions. She constantly strives to become a better professional by attending classes, webinars and conferences, and reading. She also works with professional organizations for interpreters and translators, to foster best practices in our industry. She is a member of the following:

María is the vice-president of the ITAA and a member of multiple committees in the ATA

Built on a foundation
of learning.

We believe that personal growth and development will naturally translate into professional excellence.
When we’re not working to bring your message to life, you can find us reading, learning, and striving to become even better professionally. Whether presenting at conferences or attending classes and webinars, our passion is to develop our talents into skills that will better serve your needs.